About Me

I’m a husband, father, musician, dreamer, geek, endlessly alternating between running headlong after God one moment and then stumbling around in my own selfishness the next. A man on a journey, I am finding myself more and more aware of – and amazed with – my heavenly Father Who is making His indescribable, extravagant love known to me so deeply. I am a prodigal son, but undoubtedly He is even more a prodigal Father… prodigal in the unconditional love He is willing to lavish on His children.

For nearly two decades I have been employed at a non-denominational church in the central Florida area where I have been worship leader, personal assistant to Pastors, and resident MacGyver. Now that I’ve mentioned that please let this serve as a general disclaimer:   The contents of this site are not necessarily the opinions / views / teachings of my church, it’s leadership or members (but most of the time they are probably pretty close).

To me this church is family regardless of my being employed there. They have stuck with me through thick and thin for which I am so grateful. Truthfully I couldn’t appreciate this until fairly recently when I was liberated from 40-something years of suffocating, clinical Christianity into the simple awareness of God’s unconditional love and His eagerness to express it — from orphan mentality to sonship!  My story in a nutshell is everyone’s story throughout history…perception is reality. By default we tend to perceive God either as a harsh taskmaster, a disconnected and aloof diety, or some similar distortion. Because of such misguided perceptions, He suffers bad publicity (quite the opposite of Good News) and, I am certain, He experiences the deep ache within as He longs for His children to come home to the incredible feast of love He always intended to enjoy with each one of us.

It is my hope – if you haven’t already – you discover that from His perspective, you are Loved Much. Truly. Madly. Deeply!  –Toby


6 Responses to About Me

  1. geo says:

    I see we are linked to you and you linked to us.
    Be careful being linked to Boldgrace.com may get you run out of town! Hahahahaha! By the way my name is Geo and I am one of the Bold Grace Team of five.


  2. admin says:

    LOL! Well if it comes to that then maybe I’ll come to your town! I consider it a pleasure being linked to BG 🙂 …I find myself grinning ear to ear each time I browse your pages. Stay loved much in His bold grace!

  3. Bino says:

    Hey I am encouraged by what I have read here. It’s always exciting to see others living loved and accepted by Father.

    Much grace to you!

  4. Toby says:

    Bino, great to see you here. I’m enjoying being a part of the conversation-at-large about this incredible Good News of unconditional love and grace! Your blog, Branch of Vine resonates with me in a big way. Thanks for having me around, my fellow ‘Gracist’! — Toby

  5. Jeromy says:

    Toby, thanks for coming by A Mending Shift and sharing your comment. I have read a number or your posts here and I love your heart. I think I just found another blog to add to my blogroll, if that is OK?

  6. Toby says:

    Feelings mutual, Jeromy! I’ve had the pleasure of noodling around your blog the past few weeks and would be so happy to be a part of your blog world!

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