This is only a test

February 28, 2009
God loves me because
(check only one) :
A) I’m entitled to it or have earned it.
B) I’m needy and to be pitied.
C) He wants to fix me so I can fix others.
D) He loves me and desires this love to be enjoyed and expressed back to Him in a vibrant, life-transforming relationship.

Loved in any language

February 26, 2009

Loved in any language!

dashur shumë, Albanian

обичаше много, Bulgarian

estimava molt, Catalan

爱得多, Chinese

nogo voljen, Croatian

milovala mnoho, Czech

elsket meget, Danish

hield veel, Dutch

loved much, English

Armunud palju, Estonian

minamahal marami, Filipino

rakasti paljon, Finnish

beaucoup aimé, French

amei moi, Galician

viel geliebt, German

nagyon szeretett, Hungarian

dicintai banyak, Indonesian

molto amato, Italian

多く愛さ, Japanese

많이 사랑, Korean

mīlēja daudz, Latvian

dilexit daug, Lithuanian

iħobb ħafna, Maltese

elsket mye, Norwegian

kochany dużo, Polish

amei muito, Portuguese

iubit mult, Romanian

любил много, Russian

много вољен, Serbian

Ljubio veliko, Slovenian

amaba mucho, Spanish

älskade mycket, Swedish

รักมาก, Thai

çok sevdim, Turkish

любив багато, Ukrainian

yêu nhiều, Vietnamese

Source: Google

True Riches Dad, Poor Dad

February 22, 2009


I am loved

There are many remarkable contributions relevant to my fairly recent departure from the world of religious obligation for that of living loved much, not the least among them were articles and books including

The Shack, He Loves Me, and So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Any More.

Months before I read any of those treasured books, someone close to me passed me a copy of Read the rest of this entry »

What makes us better?

February 19, 2009

Overheard on most recent episode of my favorite TV show…

Different perspectives

Different perspectives

Agent Moss:   Jack!  The rules are what make us better.

Jack Bauer:     Not today.

Of course that got me to thinking about how the rules didn’t make me better all those years… bitter maybe, but not better. When we’re living by the rules then we’re seeing God at a distance as ruler. We are designed to live loved and know God intimately as loving Father. There’s nothing better than the unconditional affectionate love that He so eagerly wants to pour out on us 24-7! This love is a heavenly agent that secretly pursues and apprehends us and then offers us a special witness protection program that exchanges our old identity for a perfectly clean one. And this identity can not be traced except back to Him. You can’t get any better!

Loved in the Midst of Adversity

February 17, 2009

Difficult times are upon us all it seems. It is said there are three primary areas in which we often find ourselves challenged — the soft underbelly of humanity if you will:  relationships, finances, and health. I can say with certainty that my family has found ourselves distinctly challenged in each of these areas simultaneously this month. 

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