‘Old Friends’ Finally Meet!

The wife and I were priviliged to meet up with Geo from BoldGrace.com today. Geo and I have enjoyed a lot of conversation in recent months via the Net and by phone. I can’t say enough about the connection I enjoy with him. We finish each other’s sentences and carry on like excited kids when discussing this awesome Grace in which we stand… and excited kids we are!

Geo’s work had him in the central Florida area for a few days so we chose to rendezvous on this gorgeous sunshiny but mild Saturday morning. We enjoyed a hearty breakfast and great time of conversation at an area Cracker Barrel! Our first time together ‘in real time’ truly seemed like a reunion of long time friends – it was enriching and also totally cool! Thanks Geo for taking time to hang with us… we hope it’s the first of many times together!


5 Responses to ‘Old Friends’ Finally Meet!

  1. Bino says:

    Sounds great!

  2. Toby says:

    Yeah! Maybe you’ll be in the area some day soon and we can connect as well!

  3. geo says:

    I am blown away every time I meet new friends that I have met through our boldgrace.com site.
    Meeting Toby and Trish face to face for the first time was like a family reunion! We Met for breakfast and by the time we left the restaurant it was lunch time! I so enjoyed this time together and hope we can do it over and over again! Thanks TnT for your love and hospitality to a fellow traveler.


  4. Toby says:

    Was truly awesome spending time with you… it went by too fast. Can’t wait till next time! Meanwhile, see you in cyberspace!

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