The Cross or the Switch?

Photo by HeyMyNameIs Paul

Photo by HeyMyNameIsPaul

It came to my attention while browsing for the news that a nationally known pastor was warning of God’s righteous anger and judgment bringing certain terror to New York City and other cities abroad. Soon I was on David Wilkerson Today, his blog where he posted ‘An Urgent Message’ (March 7th) and ‘A Further Word’ (March 9th) and I find it interesting these two posts so distinctly contrast his two previous posts where he touches on God being a Father Who is “patient, kind, full of mercy and lovingkindness toward you. I’m tenderhearted over you, ready to forgive you at all times” and also “We see now that God desires only to do good to us. We’ve seen his power and glory on our behalf. And now we are determined to no longer live in fear”.

It will not come as a surprise or shock to me if horrible disaster strikes in ways similar to what he has described. Disasters happen. It just saddens me that a recognized voice in the body of Christ might diminish the work of the Cross (and the ultimate judgment of sin that occurred there) and to assign such disasters to be God’s anger or judgment and thereby promoting a fear and judgment based image of God that is not in alignment with Who He has proven Himself to be through the final Word spoken in work of His Son: Perfect Love that casts out all fear. This God of perfect love is and will be moved with compassion and even agony over such an event and the effect it would have on humanity, the very object of His affection. This is the essence of the Good News and it has rarely been heard the world over without being diluted with the mixture of law, fear, and judgment. 

I think it’s healthy to recognize the fact that God is a jealous God. It gives me comfort that His wrath is stored up against His enemies. I just know beyond a doubt that these enemies do not have human form. These enemies are not flesh and blood, but ‘principalities, powers, spiritual forces of wickedness, etc. They are also the works of the flesh, etc. Such wrath / anger / judgment against these enemies is His response as He desires to embrace and commingle with  His most valued treasure:  me, you, all of mankind.


3 Responses to The Cross or the Switch?

  1. Bino says:

    Any kind of ‘spirit of fear’ is not from God… Instead, Bible says, God’s love casts out fear.

  2. geo says:

    It amazes me that people quote 1Corinthians 13 and when it comes to the part in that chapter that says, “love keeps NO RECORD of wrong”
    They do not connect that to our loving Father.
    If love keeps no record of wrong then how can there be a judgment to come from God?


  3. Toby says:

    So true, Bino, Geo. Love annihilates all fear! Judgment was indeed consumed in Christ at Calvary!

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