I think I’m going out of my head (and into my heart)

These words by Wayne Jacobsen in his latest post ‘Questions Questions Questions’ at LifeStream.org are most appropriate to me…

If we’re really looking to follow Jesus, would he allow us to be deceived by a false grace? If we ask the Father for bread, will he let us pick up a stone instead?

So many brothers and sisters I know get paralyzed when they haven’t figured out answers to every question, about something they sense him leading them to do, or even just believing that the Gospel of grace, is simply that. What if we trusted Jesus to sort out our questions in the going, rather than having them all answered before we head out?

Wayne hits a nail on the head and goes on to explain how our innermost being is already geared to respond to the unconditional love and unmerited favor He has lavished on each of us — it’s our heads that get in the way demanding answers to every possible question and then leaving us paralyzed with fear and indecision instead of responding to His love. That’s what religion does. It assuages our need for answers in neat little bite sized chunks that satisfies our rational self while ignoring and even smothering our relational and true self. The problem is we have to keep running back for more bites to remain satisfied.

Getting what’s in our hearts into our head is a process that Holy Spirit is able and willing to do when we relinquish control and relax into the invitation of relationship already taking place among Father, Son, and Spirit. Where we once found ourselves having to believe to receive, now we can freely receive His affectionate love which leads us to believe! I have a close friend & brother who points out that “believing is the indication of dependence on God while knowing is the indication of independence”. As we find ourselves at home in His love, abiding in Him, we will trust that the Great I AM is the Answer to any and all questions.

Never before have I and my family faced times more difficult than these recent months. It would be safe to say that over the past nearly two years my family has experienced more challenges in relationships, finances, and health than we have in the previous decade or more. And yet, we are finding ourselves realizing more genuiness in our walk with God and each other. We are enjoying deeper and more lasting peace, hope, and ability to receive and express Father’s affectionate love in our relationships with Him, one another, and those in our path on a daily basis. 

This is a result of a major shift in our life focus that we began to recognize was taking place a year or so ago. Everything we thought we knew about God, the Bible, Christianity / the Church / its mission, ministry, morality, etc. began to seem irrelevant compared to our inner inclination to truly know God. We found ourselves being invited beyond the clinical repitition of religion – beyond the performance-driven mindsets of having to please God – and into His loving embrace. This reality of living by the law of love is becoming just as real as the law of gravity. And just like a gravitational pull, we find ourselves continually drawn toward Him in gradual but constant motion, independent of any effort on our part!


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