“Knowing is loving.” If God truly knows me, God actually loves me. The old Testament is clear that truly to “know” somebody is to love her or him, For God, knowing is the language of intimacy rather than intimidation. God is love because God knows us. This divine knowing is the eternal antidote for depression and melancholy. We are known and loved. We are not alone-hence, we need not be lonely.   –Cliff H.,

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Cliff, our precious friend, you have finally, ultimately, and gracefully surrendered to the affectionate embrace of Abba Father. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting you or enjoying a personal conversation with you – I feel very much like I have nonetheless. Had the opportunity presented itself for us to meet I’m sure it would have felt like reconnecting with an old friend from long ago. That’s how it was when my wife and I enjoyed breakfast with our BG friend ‘Geo’ a few weeks back. 

The words you have shared on have impacted me greatly these past several months. Often I had to mull them over quite a while to appreciate them… some of them I probably am still sifting through but undoubtedly you came into my life at the PERFECT time! It is my understanding that you embraced the true Gospel message at the expense of  your very career as a minister. Then came true freedom! I myself have been on paid administrative staff with a local church for 18 years and volunteer staff for nearly a decade prior to that. In the past two years my wife and I began to receive and trust the simple message of Christ ALONE being our righteousness and, low and behold, all of our previous reference points in life began to change radically, but one thing became certain — true peace, knowing we are loved much!

I am presently in a wonderful state of transition, having been laid off weeks ago due to this economy. The beginnings of this transition coincided with some posts you composed at BG regarding your employment at a local hospital. Reading your posts (such as this one) brought me much freedom as I began to consider what might be in store for me career wise.

For my wife and I, knowing the true Good News and that we are affectionately and unconditionally loved is radically changing our world view. Having the true riches means everything to us. A job that is ‘right for us’ is no longer such an issue; having an opportunity to be where Daddy wants us is what excites us.

As I write this I am preparing for an interview as the janitor/caretaker at a local facility. My resume is also in the hands of several other potential employers who could offer me a position that would be much more ‘compatible’ with my administrative / creative  skills and background, not to mention the payscale; however the job I’m most hopeful for is this janitor opportunity where I know I would be face to face with countless people who are incredibly precious to Father and they may not be aware until they are affectionately loved and valued by someone who cares. Thank you, Cliff, for demonstrating this reality in your life. 

To Cliff’s dear family and all his BG friends around the world who will be greatly missing him, my wife and I are holding you close before God in our hearts during this time . Thank you for letting me ramble on about how Cliff’s PERFECT faith has deeply affected me!


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