Divine Diaspora

I’ve been quite infrequent with posts lately mostly because I’ve been busily living loved in a whole new landscape. A day off for Memorial Day presents me a moment of respite from a crushing new daily schedule of hitting the snooze button once or twice at 4:30 a.m. followed by the fastest work day I could imagine at my new job as a plant manager at a local public school.

I am wholeheartedly loving this challenging environment I’ve been thrust into, a far cry from my 18 years being on staff at a local non-denominational church. After a month or so of being laid-off due to the effects of the current economical crisis I literally stumbled across this job opportunity where I am making less than half the salary I was a year ago, yet working infinitely harder physically, mentally, and emotionally. The skills and experience I boasted on my resume have little to do with the position I accepted but I couldn’t be more satisfied because I know I’m where I belong for this season of life. There’s something exhilarating about being surrounded by raw humanity after being largely insulated from it for so long.

As with most any sector of the workforce, the public school system is seeing more than it’s share of budget cuts and layoffs. On a regular basis I am interacting with teachers and staff who wonder if their’s is the next position to be axed.  Then there are the hundreds of children who can’t grasp the magnitude of challenges their families are facing in these trying times. I’m right there with all of them in these challenges but with the knowing that I am safe and secure in Father’s embrace, come what may. I can only trust that He has me there to be a lifeline of encouragement if only to just one of these who are holding out for a glimpse of hope.

If you, like me, find your world has been turned upside down, yet you are living in the awareness of Father’s undying love and affection, consider yourself fortunate and blessed. We are like seeds in the hands of the Master being scattered to the winds… a divine diaspora (a dispersion of a people from their original homeland) of sorts! Let’s spread the Love!


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