The Show Must Go On

August 16, 2009

Photo by Flickr user ‘hbp_pix’

Religion is like a big juggling act. As long as you’re keeping all the plates in the air, you are surrounded by the hearty approval of men. But one wrong movement and everything comes crashing down in a cacophony of shame and rejection.

All the while Grace invites us away from the stale, sweaty air of the Big Tent into an intimate and invigorating fullness of relationship which God Himself sustains. There, you are surrounded by approval which no longer comes from men (men likely are even rejecting you now). The juggling is no longer necessary because in His unconditional love, Father does not look away in disgust at your fleshly flaws. Instead He embraces you passionately and affectionately.

Back in the Big Tent, the Bible is mostly interpreted as a book of rules, requirements, and formulas, and the reality is missed of it being the most beautiful story ever of ransom, redemption, and divine romance.

Meanwhile, abiding in the reality of Grace you begin to see everything through new “metanoia” eyes. Scriptures come rushing back to your mind, no longer as commandment and correction, but as promise and invitation. This is a relationship wherein the requirements were completely satisfied “before the foundation of the earth”. Ours is but to perceive it, believe it, and receive this invitation to a “life lived loved” – regardless of the approval or rejection of men.